Monday, 20 October 2014

TCPEye Internet Speed Booster


Download TCPEye Internet Speed Booster:

Tired of Using so many fake internet Booster Applications on your computer , those application really can't boost your system , I have searched and used so many internet boosters and got tired. finally i got a great tool which is really helps to increase internet speed. 

TCPEye shows lots of processes which are using your internet connection , i mean so many installed softwares will use your internet connection for updates , consequently your internet speed will get reduced , this small utility shows those hidden processes , you can stop them manually and get full internet speed . As you can see there are more SVCHost processes running , stop them all by right click on them , and leave only one SVCHost process and search and stop for other processes which are useless for you. 

Download TCPEye


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  2. Thanks for the useful idea to increase our internet connection speed. It really worked for me. I checked the change in my internet connection by having a speed test at for free.


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