Sunday, 12 October 2014

Argus Monitor -System Temperature Software


Download Argus Monitor  -System Temperature Software Full Version :

Argus Monitor is a small utility, it monitors temperatures and status of system components such as CPU, GPU, Hard drive Temp and Speed fans.

·         Monitor your hard disk drive temperature and the health status of your hard disk drive by constantly checking the critical S.M.A.R.T. attributes
·         Warns you with a probability of up to 70 percent before a hard drive fails -- in time for you to save all the precious data added to your system after the last backup
·         Graphical display of the temperatures of your hard disk drives
·         Monitoring and graphical display of GPU temperature
·         Graphical display of the CPU temperature (independently for each CPU core)
·         Graphical display of core frequency (enables you to check if power management is working)
·         HDD/SSD benchmark -- measuring access times and transfer rates
·         Display speeds of system fans
·         Display and control of fan speeds of modern Nvidia and ATI/AMD graphic cards


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