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Repair Damaged,Corrupted and not detecting SD card or USB Flash Drive and solve windows was unable to format the drive problem


How to Repair Damaged and not detecting SD card or USB Flash Drive and Solve Windows Was Unable to Format the Drive :

If your PC does not detecting your SD card or USB flash drive and you are thinking of buy a new one, just wait and try this before spending bucks on the new one. When we inserted a corrupted flash drive into the USB port and try to access it, it shows an error like this:

You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it.

When you click on the Format Disk and start the format, it displays the following error:
Windows was unable to complete the format.

If you also have similar kind of problem with your SD card or External hard drive or USB flash drive, then keep reading. I am going to demonstrate a method to fix corrupted storage devices. The windows was unable to format the disk because it has no specific file system (e.g. NTFS, FAT) associated with it. This drive is called RAW drive and it can be repaired by formatting the disk.

NOTE: Before moving further, please note that this will remove all data from your SD card/ flash USB drive permanently. If you have some important data, you can try some hard drive data recovery tools before trying this. There are many hard drive recovery softwares available for free which can recover data from USB drives and external hard disks. 

Before trying this method to repair your SD card, I would suggest you to try my previous method as it is easy and safe to perform. If that not work for you, you can come here and follow the below steps. Here is the link to my previous post

Windows was Unable to Format the Drive -Solution

If you are sure you do not have any important files on your drive and want to repair it by formatting, follow these steps:

1. Plug your drive into the USB port of your PC. Make sure only the damaged / corrupted SD card or USB flash drive is connected to PC and remove any other removable storage devices. 
2. Then Open the Computer window and note down the drive letter. As you can see in my case it is D 

3. Press Win Key + R to open Run box and type cmd. Hit enter and Command prompt window will launch. You can directly open command prompt by using the shortcut Win key + X and choosing Command prompt

4. Type diskpart and press enter. An warning message will show up, just click Yes and a new command prompt window will open with heading DISKPART. Now, you need to type all the commands in this window. 

5. Type list disk in order to list all the disk drives connected to your System. Detect your drive by its size as one will be of huge size(your Internal hard disk) and other will be your SD card/ USB flash drive. That’s why I asked you to remove all the other drives from your system. 

6.Next, You need to choose your corrupted disk drive. Perform this step very Carefully because if you select the wrong disk number by mistake, it can remove all the data from your internal hard disk. Type select desk "your disk number ".  As you can see, In my case it is  Disk 2 of size 8 GB, So I will type select disk 2 and hit enter

7. Next type clean and a message will displayed that Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

8.Next you need to type the command - create partition primary and hit enter. A success message will be displayed.

 9. After this type active and hit enter.

10.Now you need to execute the command select partition 1.

11.Finally, we are going to format the drive with file system FAT32 , so type format fs=fat32 and press enter.
 12.It will start formatting yout drive, it will take quite a long. Just minimize it and wait for format completion.

 When the format completes (100%), close the command prompt window and go to computer in order to check the drive. Verify your drive by compying some date in it. By this method, you can repair your corrupted SD Cards, USB flash drives and even your Extenal hard drives. Again , after performing above steps you will lose all your previous data, so, if  you have some important data in your drive, try to recover it first using hard drive recovery software. Here is the summary of all the above performed operations in cmd in order.
-list disk
-select disk ‘your disk number’
-create partition primary
-select partition 1
-format fs=fat32


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