Saturday, 22 November 2014

Access Facebook Chat From your Desktop like a Mobile chat application Digsby

Have you ever wanted to chat with your Facebook friends without opening a web browser? 

Desktop based application Digsby can allow you to stay connected with all your friends even when you close your web browser. 
This is much similar to chatting with Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk chat client.

Digsby is a IM + email client tool for windows which helps you to chat with your friends even you are out of the browser. Its just a chat application for windows.
so you can chat with your facebook friends from your desktop like yahoo messenger 

Download Digsby application for windows PC

Know your IP address, DNS Server's address and a lot more about your Internet Connection


Know your IP address, DNS Server's address and a lot more about your Internet Connection:

Command Prompt can even let you know your IP address. Just type ipconfig/ all in the command prompt and press Enter. Along with your IP address and DNS servers, command prompt will also return a ton of information like your host name, primary DNS suffix, node type, whether IP Routing ,Wins Proxy, and DHCP are enabled, your network adapter's description, your physical (MAC) address etc .

Know if your neighbors are stealing your WiFi connection

Know if your neighbours are stealing your WiFi connection

command prompt codes

1) Open your browser and visit or depending on your router. 

2) Find the tab that mentions “Attached Devices” or something similar.

3) Find the computer name, IP address and MAC Address (sometimes called Physical Address or Hardware Address) of your computer using the previous trick.

4 ) Compare it with those displayed by your router in Step 2. If you notice some strange devices, then your neighbour has been sneaking in on your internet connection and it is best to add a password.

Command Prompt can let you know if someone is connected to your Local Area Connection and using it. Just follow the steps:- 

Shutdown Your Computer or a Remote PC via Command Prompt and Stop Shutdown Process

Most of us shutdown our computers using the power button given in the Start menu. Some of us use the physical power button on our machines. Very few people actually use other means of shutting down a computer and even less is the number of people who use the command prompt to shutdown a computer.

A reason for this is that most of us don't know that the command prompt can be used to not only shutdown, restart or log off our computer instantly but also to shutdown a remote computer provided you have administrative access. It can also be used to hibernate a computer and give a comment containing the reason for shutdown. This post will show you how to do all this.

A computer running Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1) with the command prompt working perfectly, i.e. not disabled by a virus.

Initial Steps 

1) Press Windows Key + R.2) Enter CMD and press Enter.This will start the command prompt. Follow the instructions below depending on what you want to do.

Shutdown Local Machine (Your Computer)

Type "shutdown -s" without the quotes in the command prompt and press Enter. Shutdown is the command being executed and the switch -s tells the computer to shutdown.

Restart your Local Computer 

Type "shutdown -r" in the command prompt and press Enter. In this case, the command switch -r is telling the computer to restart after shutdown.

Log Off the Current User

Type "shutdown -l" in the command prompt and press Enter. The -l command switch tells the computer to log off.

Shutdown a Remote Computer

Type "shutdown -s -m \\name of the computer" in the command prompt and press Enter. Replace \\name of the computer with the actual name of the remote computer you are trying to shutdown. As mentioned earlier, you must have administrative access to the computer you are trying to shutdown. To know if you have administrative access, press Windows key + R and then type the name of the computer and press Enter.

Note: If you don't remember the name of the remote computer, you can look for it by opening a list of all the computers you are connected to by executing "net view" in command prompt.

If you can connect to the computer, you will be asked to login with your username and password. Upon entering them, a window will display the list of all the directories available to you. This should help you know whether you can or cannot shutdown the remote computer.

Hibernate a Local Computer

Type in "Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState" without the quotes and press Enter. Your computer should hibernate, if it does not, then you must enable hibernation to do this.

Shutdown your or a remote computer after a specific time

Type "shutdown -s -t 60" to shutdown your computer after 60 seconds. Upon executing this, a countdown timer displaying a warning message will be shown. This command uses the -t command switch followed by a variable (which is 60 in this case) which represents the number of seconds after which the computer will shutdown.

Display a Message containing the reason for shutdown

Type shutdown -s  -t 500 -c "I am tired. I don't want to work anymore." (with the quotes) in the Command Prompt and press Enter. The -c switch is used in the code to give the reason for shutting down and what is followed in quotes will be displayed in the dialog box as the reason. This can be used to display all sorts of funny messages.

One example :- Skynet has become self aware. John Connor did not stop me. You can not use your PC anymore.

Stop a System Shutdown

Type "shutdown -a" and press Enter. This will stop the system from shutting down if the countdown to shut down has not reached 0.

Make Undeletable, Unrenamable Folders


Make Undeletable, Unrenamable Folders using cmd :

Have you ever wondered how you can make a folder which neither can be deleted nor be renamed. Well, if you have, then you have come to the right place. With this trick, you will be able to create folders in Windows which cannot be renamed or deleted.

Basic Concept
The basic concept behind this trick is the use of Keywords. Keywords are reserved words in any programming language that cannot be used as names of variables. Windows also uses certain keywords in its programming. Some of them are con, aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4, lpt5, lpt6, lpt7, lpt8 and lpt9.

Make Undeletable and unrenamable folders

A Test
To test this concept, make a new folder in Windows and try to give it a name same as any keyword mentioned above.

Windows will not rename your folder to any of the keyword given above.

So the question arises, how can we make a folder with a keyword as its name? The solution to this problem is included in Windows itself. As we know that Windows has evolved from D.O.S.(Disk Operating System), its commands can be used in Windows. You can use D.O.S. Programming in Windows to create a folder with a keyword as its name using the steps given below:-
  1. Click on Start.
  2. Click on Run. Type in "cmd" without quotes.
  3. In the Command Prompt Window that opens, type the name of the drive you wish to create your folder in the format <drive-name>: and press Enter. e.g. If you wish to create the undeletable folder in D drive, type "D:" without the quotes. Note that the folder cannot be created in the root of C: drive (if C: is your system drive).
  4. Type this command- "md con\" or "md lpt1\" without the quotes and press Enter. You can choose any of the keywords given above as the name of your folder.

Now Windows will create an undeletable, unrenamable folder in the drive you entered in Step 3. However, the folder can be renamed to another keyword using Windows Explorer.

Deleting the Folder

Although, it is not possible to manually delete the folder, you can delete the folder by typing "rd con\" or "rd lpt1\" in Step 4 instead of "md con\" or "md lpt1\". 

Windows Compatibility: This works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Try it yourself to create one such folder which can neither be deleted nor be renamed.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Z Launcher for Android mobiles


Download Z Launcher for Android mobiles :

Z Launcher is the most efficient and quickest way to access everything on your phone. It is a single screen that displays your calendar and clock across the top and your most used icons across the bottom. What makes this app so unique is it’s ability to determine your 6 most frequently used applications, contacts, websites and shortcuts and automatically place them on the home screen.
The app designed with making your life simpler, which is why its so easy to navigate. The app uses the scribble feature, so if you want to access all your other apps, contacts and shortcuts all you have to do is write a letter or two across the screen to bring them up. You can also use the main menu button for instant access as well. The more you use the Z Launcher, the better it works because it gets to know your daily routines and will update your 6 featured icons accordingly throughout the day.

Download Z Launcher for Android mobiles

Friday, 14 November 2014


Notepad tricks

Try and prank your friends by using this simple matrix notepad trick and be a member in matrix group.

Inspired by the movie Matrix, this falling code trick is extremely popular on social networking websites. Copy and paste the code given below in Notepad and save the file as "Matrix.bat".

How to create a .bat file using notepad : copy and paste the code in notepad and go to file > save as > (select destination where the file has to save) then select you can see 'file name' and 'Save as type' options first choose All files option from the Save as type drop down menu and then enter the file name same as  ' matrix.bat ' (without quotes)

copy the below code :

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%
goto tricks

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Advanced System Care 8 with Activation serial key


Download Advanced System Care 8 with Activation serial key :

Advanced SystemCare is a free, simplesystem optimizer that fixes the most common computer problems, such as Registry broken keys, hijacked settings, a fragmented hard drive or junk files taking too much space. Advanced SystemCare also includes security tools that can detect and remove spyware, as well as prevent any other undesirable elements from entering your system. The interface in Advanced SystemCare can be a bit confusing at first. Instead of having a standard toolbar or menu system, the program shows a sphere structure on the left side pane that gives you access to the four main sections: Home, which is a summary of the program’s usage stats; Maintain Windows and Diagnose System, which contain Advanced SystemCare’s main tools to scan, repair and optimize the computer; and finally Utilities, a pack of small system tools that let you perform small fixing tasks, like defragging the hard drive, backing up drivers, finding duplicate files or finding out which programs are set up to run with Windows. Advanced SystemCare is surprisingly quick. It hardly takes a few minutes to scan and fix your system, though it may take a bit longer when defragmenting the disk. In any case, Advanced SystemCare always creates a backup copy before fixing anything (as well as a restoration point the very first time you launch it) just to be on the safe side.

 Download Advanced System Care 8 setup file

Activation licence key : 76579-1E116-4F70E-2D2F7

How To Activate ?
  • Download and install the program
  • disable internet conection!
  • open program, click to Activate and copy key
  • Done Enjoy

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows Setup without Using Any Software.


How to Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows Setup without Using Any Software?

               As you know, a bootable USB drive comes handy in many situations such as re-installing Windows Operating System or recovering from critical errors (like refreshing your PC, etc). There are several free tools available such as PowerISO, Rufus and windows 7 USB/DVD download Tool and Microsoft's official  to create bootable USB drive to install .

               But did you know you can create bootable USB drives of Windows setup without using any extra software? Yes, you heard it right. By following a few simple steps, you can make your own bootable USB drive to install Windows OS without any 3rd party software.

This manual method requires only 3 steps:

STEP 1: Format USB drive (optional)
STEP 2: Mount or extract Windows setup ISO file
STEP 3: Copy Windows setup files to USB drive

Please note that this method can be used to create bootable USB drive of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows8/8.1 and Windows 10. This method doesn't work for Windows XP bootable USB drive.

So without any further delay let's start the tutorial:

STEP 1: Prepare USB Drive as Per Requirements :

If you want to make Windows Vista or Windows 7 bootable USB drive, a 4GB USB drive will be sufficient. But, if you want to make a bootable drive of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you'll need an 8GB USB drive.

Now format the USB drive using FAT32 or NTFS file system. We recommend formatting the USB drive using NTFS file system for better compatibility with newer Windows versions.

 To format USB drive, attach the drive to your computer system, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the USB drive icon and select Format option.


This step is optional. If you don't want to format your USB drive, you can skip this step but make sure there is enough free disk space on your USB drive to copy Windows setup files.

STEP 2: Mount or Extract Windows Setup ISO Image File :

Now you'll need to extract all files from Windows setup ISO. You can extract the files using a file archive software such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, etc.

         By Using Win RAR or 7-Zip extract ISO file in a folder. or If you are using Windows 8 or later, you don't need to use any file archive utility, you can directmount the ISO file as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer. You can do this by right-clicking on ISOimage file and then selecting "Mount" option.

It will immediately mount the ISO file of Windows setup as a virtual DVD drive in Windows Explorer.

STEP 3: Copy Windows Setup Files to USB Drive :

Now you just need to copy all files from extracted or mounted Windows ISO to your USB drive.

That's all. You have successfully made a bootable USB drive which can be used for all purposes as mentioned in the beginning of the tutorial.

Download OPERA v25 web browser


Download OPERA v25 web browser :


Good news for Opera users! Opera team has released new Opera 25 for Windows and Mac which comes with following updates:
  • Visual Bookmarks: New way to add and organize your favorite websites with thumbnail preview
  • Web Notifications: Developers can deliver native alerts and status information to users
  • Built-in PDF Viewer: View documents directly in the browser without installing any extension
  • Experimental Start Page for Testing: Includes new stylistic treatments for Speed Dial entries and the Discover feature
Important updates in previous Opera versions:
  • Allows users to show webpage's complete URL in addressbar [Link].
  • New Heart menu in combined search and address bar: Allows you to add/remove webpages in Speed Dial, Stash and bookmarks bar.
  • New Speed Dial settings: You can change look of Speed Dial entries to big thumbnails or manually customize their height and width.
  • Dragable bookmarks: You can drag tabs to bookmarks bar to add them or drag your bookmarks to Speed Dial to create new entries.
  • Tab Previews: Hover your mouse cursor over a tab to preview its content
  • Private Window Color: Different background color for private browsing windows
  • Full Use of HiDPI Screens: Fixes and enhancements for how Opera handles high-resolution screens
  • New UI for allowing blocked content in a secure session.
  • New default themes included in the theme manager.
  • Displays a broken padlock icon for secure sites that have invalid security certificates.
  • One-click install functionality for extensions.
  • Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
  • New silent update mechanism on Windows to keep Opera always up to date.
  • Smaller updates to reduce bandwidth usage.

Monday, 3 November 2014



we already knew that we can play our favorite musics in youtube but may be you didn't know that you can use youtube as a disco, you can search, mix, create playlist and play. Youtube DISCO automatically puts together a playlist of songs from your preferred genre or artist.

Go to and enter any artist, song, or genre and youtube will populate a playlist of the most watched/ popular videos from your search.

You can also set it to play the current top hits and it will tell what videos are most popular at the moment.



Make Any Youtube Video or Part of a Video into GIF image :

You can make any youtube video part into a gif image very easily. By creating a video into gif image you can set the image into your mobile desktop wallpaper you'll be unique from other mobile users. To turn youtube video into GIF image just add gif  just after www. in the URL. For Example :

 Once you type gif after www. URL press enter  then you'll be redirected to a simple gif image making webpage which has very simple user interface to understand how to create gif image of a youtube video part. simply select location from where and to which part you want to convert video into GIF image and click on create gif . That's it. It'll convert your youtube video part into GIF image. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

LAUNCHER 8 PRO windows8.1 Theme for Android Mobile.apk


Download Launcher 8 Pro full android application :

Launcher 8 is a great app for you can ease of imitation and other styles start screen on you Android Phone or Tablet device (Tablet Launcher), fully personalized, free DIY and more variety of exciting themes.

Launcher 8 Pro:

★More energy efficient, fluent and powerful functional.★Can free download all premium themes.★Complete experience all the features of the launcher 8.★Support horizontal / vertical screen, make 
or use 6 Tiles Columns Themes.

Launcher 8 is a great app for you can ease of imitation and other styles start screen on you Android Phone or Tablet device (Tablet Launcher), fully personalized, free DIY and more variety of exciting themes.

LAUNCHER 8 PRO Full Version v2.3.0 Android Apk  Features

01. You can add different size tiles.02. You can add a variety of color tile.03. You can save/restore/share and download the themes.04. You can edit the start screen layout.05. You can set the current background style.06. You can switch the application list style.07. You can add Android widgets in the tiles.08. You can set the wp8 style lock screen and status bar.09. You can select more than one hundred kinds of theme colors.10. You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact photo.

STAAD PRO Full version with crack


Download STAAD PRO Full version with crack :

Structural Analysis and Design (STAAD) is also some time referred as STAAD Pro. For Professional. As the name suggests it is a design computer program that deals with the designing of structure beams steel or concrete or any other material; generally STAAD and ETABS runs parallel with each other in design; it is used to do framing of the architectural drawing that is obtained from the architect, to determine the loading combinations; then the position of beams columns is decided after which their dimensions and steel requirement is calculated and checked by STAAD. STAAD works both ways if you give dimensions and steel percentages, it will analyze your structure and at the end even give you recommendations for the improvement in design.

Introduction to STAAD pro :

STAAD was developed by Research Engineers International in 2005 which was bought by Bentley Systems. From construction market point of view STAAD pro is one of the most widely used software for the analysis and design of structures.
It is used for both static and dynamic analysis as well considering the earthquake shaking etc. STAAD is well integrated with other softwares as well; like RAM connection and STAAD foundation design software.

What is the Use of STAAD.Pro in civil engineering :

STAAD.Pro allows structural engineers to aanalyse and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modelling environment, advanced features and fluent data collaboration.
Technically speaking STAAD principally uses the finite element modelling techniques. AUTOCAD is utilized for preparing plans, sections and detail drawings for design, manufacturing and construction. Besides civil works, it is used for preparing drawings in many fields including architecture, mechanical and electrical components.

Some Features of STAAD.Pro :

"Concurrent Engineering" based user environment for model development, analysis, design, visualization and verification.
Object-oriented intuitive 2D/3D graphic model generation.
Pull down menus, floating toolbars, tool tip help.
Flexible Zoom and multiple views.
Isometric and perspective views 3D shapes.
Built-in Command File Editor.
Simple Command Language.
Graphics/Text input generation.
State-of-the-art Graphical Pre and Post Processor.
Rectangular/Cylindrical Coordinate Systems.
Joint, Member/Element, Mesh Generation with flexible user-controlled numbering.
Efficient algorithm minimizes disk space requirements.
FPS, Metric or SI units.
Presentation quality printer plots of Geometry and Results as part of run output.
Compatible with Win95/98/NT
On-line manual and context sensitive help

Wednesday, 29 October 2014




Hi friends ,Until yesterday, I really didn't know how to solve rubix cube.Since a long time i have zeal to learn this trick but i couldn't. But now i can arrange all colors on all sides of a cube. because of an article. i learnt how to set rubix cube all sides in an one day. So for the first time i am going to share how to solve Rubix cube article in my PC related blog..


You're Done! Now try to solve the cube yourself by remembering the formulas. In addition of it try these tricks with Rubix Cube..

Download this tutorial as PDF file

Any problem? Comment i'll replay with better solution !

Thursday, 23 October 2014



How To Repair or Format Corrupted Memory card or Flash Drive:


                           Jet Flash Recovery Tool is an advanced new software tool Developed by Transcend to repair the JetFlash USB Drives .If your flash drive is not working properly, using the Jet Flash Recovery Tool simple user-friendly interface. Jet Flash Recovery Tool fixes bad sectors and other formatting errors. Most using to write protects formatting. All data on your JetFlash drive will be permanently erased by Jet Flash Recovery Tool..Jet Flash Recovery Tool is only for repair malfunctioning JetFlash USB flash drives. Not purpose for recover any data/pictures stored on the device.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

NextUP TectALoud 3.0.71 full version with crack


Download NextUP TectALoud 3.0.71 full version with crack :

TextAloud converts any text into spoken words. It reads text, e-mail, web pages, and documents using your choice of voices. Unique Text to MP3 or WMA conversion saves your daily reading to audio files for download to your portable player. Listen to e-mail, online news, or important documents while you exercise, work or commute. It is available with exciting premium voices from ATT Natural Voices, Cepstral, Acapela, and Nuance Real Speak.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Bunch Of AVS products with activation crack


Download All AVS company media Softwares with Activation Crack :

            Today! I am going to serve you a Bunch of media softwares. AVS4YOU is most popular company, they have very good programs which can help you in media. Most popular programs of AVS4YOU are AVS Audio Converter, AVS Audio Editor, AVS Video Editor, AVS Video Converter. But i think not only these products are popular their every program is popular and their programs are very easy to use with better performance.















Download Activator for All Software

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