Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Z Launcher for Android mobiles


Download Z Launcher for Android mobiles :

Z Launcher is the most efficient and quickest way to access everything on your phone. It is a single screen that displays your calendar and clock across the top and your most used icons across the bottom. What makes this app so unique is it’s ability to determine your 6 most frequently used applications, contacts, websites and shortcuts and automatically place them on the home screen.
The app designed with making your life simpler, which is why its so easy to navigate. The app uses the scribble feature, so if you want to access all your other apps, contacts and shortcuts all you have to do is write a letter or two across the screen to bring them up. You can also use the main menu button for instant access as well. The more you use the Z Launcher, the better it works because it gets to know your daily routines and will update your 6 featured icons accordingly throughout the day.

Download Z Launcher for Android mobiles


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