Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ammy Admin latest and full version


Download Ammy Admin latest and full version :

Ammy Admin is a Remote control tool for getting remote access through one computer to another computer using internet.You can easily share a remote desktop or control a server over the Internet with Ammyy Admin. No matter where you are, Ammyy Admin makes it safe and easy to quickly access a remote desktop within a few seconds

You can manage network computers and servers remotely without complicated NAT settings adjustments or Firewall problems. Assist your colleagues with remote access software and be confident all the transmitted data is reliably secured. Using Ammyy Admin as a tool for remote desktop connection and control is the best way to save time and money.

You will have quick and easy access to your remote office PC desktop via the Internet from anywhere, at any time. Remote desktop access makes it easy to retrieve necessary documents and files from your work PC or activate specific software installed on the office computer. Ammyy Admin is also a perfect solution for enabling employees to work offsite from a remote location

With Ammyy Admin it's easy to arrange on-line presentations or hold virtual classes for distance education. You can host your presentation featuring class materials right in the remote desktops of meeting participants or students in the virtual classroom, communicating with them via real-time voice chat. 

specifications of new Ammy Admin :

1.No installation required

2.Works behind NAT and transparent for firewalls

3.Highest level of data transfer security

4.Built-in voice chat and file manager

5.Control of unattended computers

Download Ammy admin 3


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