Thursday, 9 October 2014

Convert Any Webpage as a PDF file in simple method


Convert Any Webpage as a PDF file in simple method :

In this post i want to tell you a simple technique, By using that you can download any type of webpage into PDF format without using any software or add-in. it is very use full to download a important webpage to your PC, you can re open note the important notes on the webpage and you can save images , notes , stories and it has many uses to having a copy of webpage and in this post i am going to show you how to save any important webpage into PDF file in a very easy method.

How to save any webpage into PDF file :
  1. Open the Google Web Browser on your Windows PC or MAC
  2. Go to webpage which you want to convert and  save that as a PDF file.
  3. Once the webpage opened, Press ctrl+p in windows PC and command+p in MAC to open the print dialogue on  Google chrome
  4. Now change the destination to "save as PDF" and hit enter.
  5. that's it now you can save your favorite webpage in PDF structure file.


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