Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Shortcut Virus Infection In Thumb Drive.


Every one  must aware about “shortcut” virus. Short cut virus is most famous and it spreads very fast  from computer to pendrive . if this virus attacks a pendrive it’ll hide the files and then it creates shortcuts for those files.. everyone know about it ..this post will guide you to how completely remove the shortcut virus without losing your data. Look at the picture below my folders are turned into shortcuts because of this virus.
Solution For it:

1. The shortcut folder has two files , hfv.exe and a .bat file
2. first double click on .bat file. Then press any key
3. Then run .exe file , it guides you to a window , 
4. create a password ,then browse for the pendrive or drive or foldere where you want to clean the shortcut virus then mode you need
4. that’s all see now your files or got back and the popular shortcut virus has gon

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