Saturday, 16 August 2014

Disable Autorun Option Of Usb Or Cd Dvd Drives

Disable Autorun Option Of Usb Or Cd Dvd Drives:

People may know about autorun, if you plug in usb drive or insert a cd into cd drive, a popup window will display on desktop that’s autorun. Autorun is very dangerous for computer when you insert a usb drive into pc because if drive has virus the system execute the drive on autorun along with autorun. as a result your computer will get slow performance. I have a solution for this problem,

Follow these steps below:
1.    Click START and click on RUN  Or press WINDOWS key on keyboard along with R key
2.    A RUN window will appear
3.    In the run command type “ GPEDIT.MSC “ and press ENTER
4.    Click on computer configuration , then click on “ Administrative Templates “
5.    Now click on “system” and you will see a list on right side of the window
6.    Search “ LINE no.16 (turn off Auto Paly)
7.    Double click on it and on the resultant window click on “ enable”
8.    Select “all drive “
9.    done

download instruction file with images Here


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