Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Convert Video files from one format to another one with VLC media player


Convert Any video file from one format to another format using VLC inbuilt converter program :

what you is heard right, from now you don't need any other third party softwares for converting video files from one format to another one you have already installed that one..that is VLC now a days VLC media player is one of the common softwares installed in almost all every pc and Laptop. if you have already installed VLC you don't need any video converting softwares, for converting videos just follow my steps:

If you don't have VLC media player on your computer , better download and install it because it is one one of the most popular and best played which can play any type video including bluray. and also it has many features , you can watch youtube videos on it and many more but in this post i'll show you how to convert videos by using VLC

Step 1: Open VLC , Click on MEDIA > Convert/Save Or Press Ctrl+R . as shown in the above picture You will see A window.

Step 2: Now Click on ADD Button and Browse the File That you want to Convert.

Step 3: Click on Convert/Save Button. it will take you to the Final step and you Will see another Window .

Step 4: Now You Have to Select Destination File, to do So just Click on Browse and Select where you want to save the File after Conversion.

Step 4: Do the Settings According to your Need and Click on Start. Just wait while it Converts. Main Benefit Is that you Don't require Any other Software to Convert videos and it is Convenient To Use VLC to Convert Any Video.

just do it by yourself...


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