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How to Take Screenshot in Windows wituout using any software

How to Take Screenshot in Windows wituout using any software.

There are couple of ways to capture a screen in Windows:

So,the easiest of them is what we will be going through here
The first is by using the default screen-capture key on every computer,i.e The "PrtScn" on your keyboard.
Locate it & let's start.
To take the shot of everything currently displaying on the screen including all open windows,press PrtScn.
This will be automatically placed in the Clipboard.

To capture just the active window,press Alt+PrtScn.

Now to save the shots,open Microsoft paint by navigating to
Start » Programs » Accessories » Paint and paste it there.
Next,select “File”from the top menu and choose “Save as”
Finally,give it any name you want and choose a directory to save the image.

The second method involves using the “SPINNING TOOL”.This tool is by default part of winidws8/7 & Windows vista.
It is capable of capturing a specified area of a page instead of the whole screen as with the previous method.
You can choose to use an amoeba-like[irregular] shape,a rectangle or capture the whole screen.


Go to start » All Programs » Accessories » Snipping Tool.
Select a snipping type by clicking on the arrow next to “New” button.
Select the window or portion of the screen you want to capture using your mouse.
To highlight part of the screenshot,click on the pen/highlighter button in the menu.
Likewise,to capture a menu/drop-down menu,press ESC after you've launched the Snipping tool,then open the menu you want to capture & press Ctrl + PrtScn.

How To Take Screenshot on Mac OS X.

Mac OS has an in-built screen-grabbing function,which enables you to take shots by clicking on some key combinations.When these keys are pressed,a click sound will be heard,then the screen-shot will immediately be saved in .PNG format.
To capture the whole screen,press Cmd + Shift + 3 all at once.
To capture just a portion of the screen,press Cmd + Shift + 4.
Just drag the crosshair that appears around the area to be captured.
To capture a specific window,press Cmd + Shift + 4 and immediately after that,hit the Spacebar.
The crosshair will then turn into a small camera,highlighting all menus that can be captured


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