Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to download Specific parts of video from


How to download Specific parts of video from :

You can easily download a youtube video by several ways like using youtube down-loaders, IDM and some online youtube downloading websites.But it is difficult and some body even don't know that is we can download some specific parts from youtube videos. for example we need a specific song from a movie that but that song don't exist on web, then we need to download the whole movie after that we cut it from the movie. from now you don't need to do that , you can download a specific parts from youtube video by following my instruction:

How to download specific parts from youtube videos: 
  1. go to
  2. search for your song, once you find it copy the URL of that youtube video from address bar of the browser.
  3. then go to the
  4. paste the Youtube video URL on the Media URL to download box, and clock on continue
  5. now it'll take some time to process then a list of available quality formats of the video will come
  6. select the the quality of the video and select the format of the video on conversion format
  7. in conversion options un-check start and end time of the video and insert the start and ending time of the video
  8. then clock on start after some time you can able to download the part of the video as you like.


  1. Thanks. That's a great tip. I have often wanted a shortened version of a YouTube video - now I know how to get it!

  2. Thanks, I will share this with my students today.

  3. Thank you so much that's awesome. :) btw I am looking for a way to comment on specific parts of a video like what you can do on soundcloud. If you know of a way I'd love to learn how :) thanks again for a very useful tip

    1. I am sorry Maha Abdelmoneim, there is no way to comment on specific part of a video .... thank you for your comment .. i appreciate that...

  4. Thank you very much!!!!


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